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Friday, January 4, 2013

Rare Royal Rajasthani Art - Silver Furniture

India is a place filled with immense caliber that produces art in many forms, that have left the world spell bound.

One of this is Rajasthani Art.
Amid myriad art forms produced by rajasthan, one  that has been able to sustain and keep improving by every passing generation is SILVER FURNITURE.
Silver furniture, inspired by royalty, was an integral part of the ancient interior designs of palaces and represents a rich statement of class and style. In this art form intricately carved teak wood is clad and crafted with fine silver. The 99% pure silver is hammered to desired shapes and finely re-carved with intricate hand engravings on teak surfaces by highly skilled artisans and produce exquisitely appealing furniture.These English, Victorian and traditional Indian style of silver furniture is a big craze in the overseas market. The product range includes:-
·         silver beds
·         silver chairs
·         silver coffee table
·         silver dining table
·         silver diwan and couches
·         silver mirror frames      
·         silver sofa set
·         silver swings
·         silver tables
·         silver temples
and so on..

Besides being pioneers & front runners in the area of Exclusive Gold, Diamond, Kundan jewellery, we at NJ are deeply involved in the process of this Royal Rajasthani art form of Silver Furniture.

We have successfully completed orders of such kind in many temples and sold good deal of this kind of royal furniture to our esteemed clients worldwide.
A glimpse of painstaking procedure of making this art form is shown in the visual embedded herewith.

We all must respect art, it spells the basics of human existence. An art form embeds, in itself, many stories of an era gone.

If art has a purpose, it is to interpret life, reproduce it in fresh visions. (Catherine Drinker Bowen)