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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Jewelry Trends 2009

It is year 2009, and change has come in so many ways. After a tumultuous 2008 around the globe, we can only have hope that 2009 has begin a wonderful year of love and beauty. Gold jewelry, always in fashion, has trends that change with the way the world evolves through the seasons. 2009 is no exception, and there are lots of fun, new looks in gold jewelry to try in the beginning of this new year.
Centerpieces as jewelry? You may not want to grab your fruit bowl and hang it around a chain on your neck just yet, but one the hottest trends emerging this year look like something you might see on the middle of a dining room table. A gold chain is wrapped in beautiful, vibrant stones in various shapes and colors, creating an effect unlike any other. The necklaces look like a stunning bouquet of flowers and also like a clear bowl full of smooth, warm stones. This look can either be paired with a simple pair of gold hoop earrings to let the necklace take center stage, or you can dare to be bold and wear outlandish earrings to match.
Topaz and crystals and gold-oh my! What is so stunning about this combination? Everything. Topaz is a really brightly colored gemstone, and paired with the subtle clarity of crystal, it is allowed to shine. If these gemstones were paired with any type of silver, the silver would just blend in to the other cool colors and the overall effect would trend toward drab instead of vibrant. When you throw in some gold, however, the jewelry instantly warms up and becomes a more versatile piece. Jewelry with this color combination will be seen on runways everywhere this spring-start looking for ways to incorporate it into your springs outfits.
Combining new with the old is one of the hottest trends for 2009. Designers are taking old concepts and old pieces of jewelry and combining them with newer pieces to create something completely fresh and wholly unique. Some of the pieces you might see have a Gothic feel to them, looking like a corset would look around a neck complete with the strings, beading and Gothic gold crosses.
If you loved the gold cuffs that were stacked upon wrists in the 1980's, then you will be thrilled to hear that this look is making a triumphant return for 2009. The sleek gold cuffs are easily paired with any going out look you can pull together, and they can be appropriate for work time as well. This gold trend should be easily affordable for all consumers, because even if you can't afford cuffs from a company like Tiffany, you will be able to track down a look-alike for a fraction of the cost and no one will be the wiser.
Keep an eye out for big, bold necklaces with metal shapes ranging from items like flags to origami shapes, strung to make and fun, funky and modern necklace. Jewelry designers this season are utilizing brass and gold in these unique shapes, making each necklace look like a piece of wearable art. If you have an eye for something that will catch everyone else's eye, these pieces are what you should be looking for. A piece like an origami bird necklace by one of this season's up and coming jewelry designers in the colors copper, silver, and gold will easily stand out against any spring garment this year.
While gold is the common thread between all of the hot jewelry trends for 2009, you can see that the trends range some simple and elegant to vintage to modern and edgy. No matter your style, you will be able to find a piece of gold jewelry to match this year.
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