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Monday, December 26, 2011

Worried about falling of loose gemstones?

Fine jewellery represents much more than its trade value in diamonds, gemstones & precious metals. It is a personal representation on owner's lifestyle, status, history, ritual, beliefs, emotion, recognition, commitment, commemoration, & rememberance. That significance only amplifies how devastating the loss of a gemstone will be for the owner. Even one missing accent stone renders the jewellery unwearable. A major loss will weigh heavily not only the owner but also on the retailer who sold the piece & the manufacturer who produced it.

But stone loss can be avoided. Owner must be careful and discreet while wearing a costly piece of jewellery, because after all jewellery is bound to be delicate. For retailer/ manufacture- Inspecting each piece & comparing it against benchmarking standards for signs of vulnerability in normal wear gives the jeweller to address potential problems before offering it for sale. Adopting benchmarking standards emphasizes good workmanship & assures the quality of the jewellery for the consumer.

There are 3 main reasons gemstones become loose or fall off in jewellery: errors in workmanship, the absence of stone setting benchmark standards & owner's mishandling.

So next time when you buy a stone studded jewellery piece be sure to check its studding!