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Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Trust Factor: Corner Stone of Gems and Jewellery business

The Trust Factor:

Corner Stone of Gems and Jewellery business

Today’s consumer expect more & tolerate less especially when buying fine jewellery.

It’s an age-old fact that consumers are loyal to brands they trust. Whether a buyer interacts with a brand in store, online, or on the phone, trust grows or erodes with every experience. Nowhere is this more evident than with high-end, luxury purchases. Trust- more than price- is most often the factor that closes sales.

For retailers of fine jewellery, knowledge & full disclosure of gemstone treatments is the key to creating a relationship of trust with customers. Gem treatments have helped the industry grow & expand because they can transform unattractive natural gemstones into beautiful stones that sell for a lower price than untreated goods.

But deception & distrust come in when treatments are concealed, knowingly or unknowingly. This places specific responsibility for full treatment disclosure on all who handle gem materials- especially retailers selling to the consumer who trusts that his or her purchase is all that is promised.

Disclosure & Certification

This is where diamond & gemstone grading laboratories that have the expertise & equipment to detect treatments, come in. The exponential growth in the use of grading reports in recent years illustrates just how much the marketplace needs universal quality standards for gemstones & the means to identify & disclose treatments. If left undetected & undisclosed, these treatments can destabilize markets, erode consumer confidence & undermine even the most established jewellery brand.

Disclosure and Education

Grading reports are important selling & communication tools at the retail counter, but they are only half the equation. Gemmological education is the other half, so retailers and their sales people can explain properties of gemstones to their customers.

Expertly trained sales associates know how to describe treatments accurately & explain their relationship to value in a way that creates a relationship of trust with customers, & ultimately closes the sale.

Disclosures creates trust, & in so doing, provides a strong foundation for brand perception & value. Organisations built on trust will not only retain customers, but also employees & business partners, & will ensure that confidence resonates from consumers all along the supply chain.


We at National Jewels provide most Gemstones with Laboratory certificates to ensure the grade/ quality of it.

Most of our diamond jewellery accompanies diamond authentication/quality certificate provided by reputed laboratories.