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Monday, December 26, 2011

Worried about falling of loose gemstones?

Fine jewellery represents much more than its trade value in diamonds, gemstones & precious metals. It is a personal representation on owner's lifestyle, status, history, ritual, beliefs, emotion, recognition, commitment, commemoration, & rememberance. That significance only amplifies how devastating the loss of a gemstone will be for the owner. Even one missing accent stone renders the jewellery unwearable. A major loss will weigh heavily not only the owner but also on the retailer who sold the piece & the manufacturer who produced it.

But stone loss can be avoided. Owner must be careful and discreet while wearing a costly piece of jewellery, because after all jewellery is bound to be delicate. For retailer/ manufacture- Inspecting each piece & comparing it against benchmarking standards for signs of vulnerability in normal wear gives the jeweller to address potential problems before offering it for sale. Adopting benchmarking standards emphasizes good workmanship & assures the quality of the jewellery for the consumer.

There are 3 main reasons gemstones become loose or fall off in jewellery: errors in workmanship, the absence of stone setting benchmark standards & owner's mishandling.

So next time when you buy a stone studded jewellery piece be sure to check its studding!


Friday, December 16, 2011

Mantras to make a Company Unsuccessful!

This might seem a bit off beat but we just found it relevant to share here online. One of our elder peers who happen to be sort of a Mentor and a cult figure too for our company just found an article and gifted this as his dogma to be followed by us.
In a world where every one is a self claimed business guru and teaches how to be successful, this article instead brings out the basic points which makes one Unsuccessful, and hence avoid them!
Attatched pic declares them in hindi.
We are translating those in english:-
Reasons for a company getting Unsuccessful:-
1) Absence of owner
2) Imprudent owner
3) Carelessness in Accounts
4) Unorganised expansion of business
5) Stocking of wrong inventory
6) Forgetting about debtors
7) Putting huge money in immovable assets
8) Getting away too much from business's daily activities
9) Not heeding to Employee problems
10) Not maintaining proper accounts
11) Dependence on one or similar customer(s)
12) Not giving Government/Legal dues
13) Breaching Government laws/rules
14) Unfocussing from Primary works & operations of business
15) Doing business lavishly without considering Profit/Loss & Pros & Cons
16) Bad Management

Failure depends on Owner's capabilities!

Hope you found this article inspiring and worthfull.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Winter/Fall Jewellery-Diamonds Trends 2011

The latest buzz in Fashion Industry seems to be chunks of Gold, loads of jewels and splendid Diamonds!
This season's
Major in-things and hot sellings are:-
  • Big Solitaire Diamonds
  • Peacock (More) patterns in Jewellery
  • Meenakari
  • White Gold
Major stable and slow movings are:-
  • Kundan
  • Small Diamond pendant sets
  • Plain Yellow Gold
Plain yellow gold with tinch of white rhodium, certified diamond jewellery, diamond solitaire, diamond jewellery with meenakari are what customers want this season.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Diwali

Be the LIGHT, Spread the LIGHT, Restore the LIGHT!!!!
Happy Diwali!!!!
This Diwali season has been a fabulous for buyers as there was not the expected surge in Gold/Silver prizes this season! They rather slumped a bit.
A bit rise has been seen just today in precious metals which was quite clear because of Diwali eve.
A major shift is also seen in customer's preferences and demands, which can be discussed later. And this will surely change the future of this trade soon.
Till then...... Enjoy this festival of lights to the fullest!!!!!
HAPPY DIWALI from all the staff and admin of National Jewels.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Trust Factor: Corner Stone of Gems and Jewellery business

The Trust Factor:

Corner Stone of Gems and Jewellery business

Today’s consumer expect more & tolerate less especially when buying fine jewellery.

It’s an age-old fact that consumers are loyal to brands they trust. Whether a buyer interacts with a brand in store, online, or on the phone, trust grows or erodes with every experience. Nowhere is this more evident than with high-end, luxury purchases. Trust- more than price- is most often the factor that closes sales.

For retailers of fine jewellery, knowledge & full disclosure of gemstone treatments is the key to creating a relationship of trust with customers. Gem treatments have helped the industry grow & expand because they can transform unattractive natural gemstones into beautiful stones that sell for a lower price than untreated goods.

But deception & distrust come in when treatments are concealed, knowingly or unknowingly. This places specific responsibility for full treatment disclosure on all who handle gem materials- especially retailers selling to the consumer who trusts that his or her purchase is all that is promised.

Disclosure & Certification

This is where diamond & gemstone grading laboratories that have the expertise & equipment to detect treatments, come in. The exponential growth in the use of grading reports in recent years illustrates just how much the marketplace needs universal quality standards for gemstones & the means to identify & disclose treatments. If left undetected & undisclosed, these treatments can destabilize markets, erode consumer confidence & undermine even the most established jewellery brand.

Disclosure and Education

Grading reports are important selling & communication tools at the retail counter, but they are only half the equation. Gemmological education is the other half, so retailers and their sales people can explain properties of gemstones to their customers.

Expertly trained sales associates know how to describe treatments accurately & explain their relationship to value in a way that creates a relationship of trust with customers, & ultimately closes the sale.

Disclosures creates trust, & in so doing, provides a strong foundation for brand perception & value. Organisations built on trust will not only retain customers, but also employees & business partners, & will ensure that confidence resonates from consumers all along the supply chain.


We at National Jewels provide most Gemstones with Laboratory certificates to ensure the grade/ quality of it.

Most of our diamond jewellery accompanies diamond authentication/quality certificate provided by reputed laboratories.



Thursday, June 30, 2011

Agni Jewels gifts eye wear to Salman Khan

Agni CZ Gold Jewels in association with T series & Sohail Khan Production held a press conference announcing its association with the movie READY. Agni CZ Gold Jewels has taken a step ahead and associated with such a big banner for the movie READY which has Bollywood Superstar & heartthrob Salman Khan with Asin as the female lead.

For Salman Khan, who romises the box-office a much awaited hit after Wanted and Dabagg with Ready, it was time to be on the receiving end. For this special occasion Agni Jewels gifted Salman a Gold & Swarovski jewel studded Eyewear similar to the one Salman wore in the movie Ready. Agni CZ Gold Jewels Director, Mr. Ramesh Shoor gifted the eyeglasses to Salman Khan at the READY Press Con event at Novotel, Juhu ,appreciating the style of wearing and keeping the eyeglasses at back of his collar in the movies, which apparently has become a craze among the youngsters. Mr. Ramesh Shoor – Director, Agni Jewels elaborates, “With the foundation of its rich heritage, Agni Jewels today is etching a refulgent future. Our products are well defined in the impressive

star cast of the film Ready and it gives us great honour to be associated with this initiative. The eye glasses were painstakingly encrusted by Agni’s designer Avishek Jena over a period of 3 days. Lot of creative inputs were taken into consideration in order for it to suit the Superstar’s persona.

Salman Khan was very excited & happy to see this unique pair of eyewear. He wore it and declared, "I'll keep the glares in the sunlight, the heat will melt the glares and I'll keep all the Jewels to myself." When quizzed if Agni Jewels decided to name a men's jewellery line after him, Salman swiftly replied that he'd like it to be called 'My Jewels'

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Akshay Tritya Exhibition-cum-Sale

NJ organising big Exhibition-cum-Sale of Gold-Diamond-Kundan Jewellery at-
National jewels,Jagadhri Road, Yamuna Nagar,Haryana.
From 05 May to 08 May to celebrate "Akshaya Tritiya" which falls on 6th May
A huge variety is available like Solitaire Rings, Tops, Necklaces, Antique Jwlry, Jadau jewellery, Kundan Jewellery, Gold Coins..etc..
You name it we have it!
Also Special display & sale by India's no. 1 CZ Jewellery brand 'AGNI'.
NJ offering great discounts, gifts and offers to celebrate Akshay Trithiya!!!!
Diamonds - 10% off
Agni branded Jewellery- 5% off
Gold Jewellery- 50% off on Making Charges
Special gift Vouchers on certain Purchases
Many more exciting offers are prevelant during these 4 Days!!!!!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

NJ is conferred "Indian Achievers Award"

We have been conferred upon prestigious "Indian Achievers Award" for our outstanding achievements in our trade and working area.

About the Award:-

Indian Achievers Forum is an apex body that promotes and encourages commendable achievements from all over the country.
"Indian Achievers Award" is presented by Indian achievers Forum which organises "Udyog Bharti Awards" to individuals having outstanding achievements and prformance in their respective fields.
Indian achievers Forum has its headquarters in New Delhi with following contact details:-

Indian Achievers Forum
1st Floor, Dbs Corporate Centre, World Trade Tower
Barakhamba Lane, New Delhi - 110 001

Tel.: +91 11 43563872, +91 9810066763
TelFax: +91 11-43563872

Email: info@indianachieversforum.org
Web: www.indianachieversforum.org


We at National Jewels would like to thank all our patrons and associates in business who helped
us achieve this. With this we would strive more hard to achieve more milestones.



Tuesday, March 15, 2011

NJ is now sole distributor of Agni Jewels in its area

NATIONAL JEWELS proudly associates itself with India's one of the leading topmost brand AGNI.

After making waves with its unique designs in Diamonds, Kundan, Gold jewellery we join hands with Agni Jewels to bring our patrons another state-of-the art jewellery product.
A brief explanation of Agni:-
Agni CZ Gold Jewels is the first CZ Gold jewellery brand to be launched in India on a uniform MRP basis. Agni CZ, has achieved a great brand status and is immensely popular among the masses, and offers Indian consumers a world of choice and ‘Easy Elegance’. Its primary brand value is “Anmol… Aap hi ki tarah–vast designs at affordable prices”.
Agni CZ Gold Jewels is one of the top brands for studded CZ goldjewelry with more than 4000 outlets in over 30 cities. The company is ISO 9001:2008 TUV Certified and each product is BIS hallmarked which stands for purity and thus gives the costumer complete trust & satisfaction.

Agni CZ Gold Jewels has many creations under its belt ranging from Kaira, Sumangal, Vivaah, Lavanya, Naqsh, Bhakti Sadhana, Vakratunda etc. and caters to the young teenage to old alike. It comprises a vast range of more than 1100 product designs which are highly affordableand suitable for casual, evening wear,weddings
, functions etc.
Hope we continue to create an attraction for our customers as ever.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The relevance of GOLD

The relevance of gold is not in its price but in its ownership. This is precisely important for those who wish to make a profit from gold by purchasing certificates, ETFs and the like. Participating in a price movement is not the same as owning an asset. Owning a piece of paper and thinking you own gold is no different to a farmer who insists to being in the dairy business by owning cattle futures.
Gold is not a drug that cures the disease but merely a symbol of the flight from dishonesty − a symbol of independence, honest money and permanence. We value it subjectively, and we ought to be concerned with the motivation of its ownership more so than that of its price. The same must be the case for our general predisposition to our capital pool. Our investment portfolio should not be a function of the last bid on some stock exchange. It should not be merely promises or claims on uncertain events. It should be 'tangible' and have economic value. It should not be hope, illusion or euphoria. Our purpose in the ownership of assets should not be that of making money but simply the very ownership in tangible and economic goods in itself. That is the essence of wealth!

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Increasing Demand for DIAMONDS

Who says Indians buy only low cost jewellery? In a changed trend, Indians are now buying high-end jewellery and the sale of such jewellery has shown big rise in the recent past.

Jewellery has been part of the Indian traditions for centuries. In the past it was treasured as a stone of value and security, but today more than even before the Indian consumer is lining up to buy jewellery that makes a fashion statement or expresses her individuality. Not only the richer class but also the sales were seen to be high in middle class section i.e. we are talking about approximately 300 million middle class consumers.

Youngsters or Elders! Women or Men everyone has a fascination towards the sparkling world of DIAMONDS

According to reports in Indian media, demand for high-end diamond jewellery, above Rs 5 lakh, is growing at 50%, much above the overall 20% growth. For jewellers, the high-end diamond jewellery is a high margin segment and the rising preference of consumers from non-metros is forcing jewellery makers focus more on the niche segment.

Marriages account for 60% consumption of expensive diamond jewellery, and today, one diamond set during weddings has become a norm in higher middle-class families. Looking at the increasing trust in diamonds and its acceptance as investment option, jewelers believe that the segment will rise by around 50% in the coming years.

Diamond Jewellery Gifting
Diamond jewellery as a gift is emerging in the market and not only in the corporate sector but with so many brand ambassadors advertising the brands, it is growing at an individual gifting platform too.

Women Power
Last but not the least the Indian woman's persona too has changed perceptibly, she is young, urban and independent. The percentage of Indian women who preferred to have a diamond set has grown by more than 300 per cent. It is found by a survey that approximately 15 per cent of Indian women within the upper-economic class own diamond jewellery. Thus the new Indian woman is a reality that no marketer can overlook.