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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gold-Diamond Jewellery Saving Scheme

Gold has always been a prized possession and is a reflection of your prosperity and wealth. And investing in Gold is difficult in the current scenario.
Gold jewellery saving schemes are growing in popularity in India.This is according to the country's Economic Times, which claimed many middle-class citizens are opting for this kind of initiative in order to benefit from rising prices.
With our Savings Scheme, you can invest in small amounts and on maturity, buy the jewellery of your choice.
We are successfully running and have completed many such schemes. And now bring forth two more schemes for customer's benefit to suit according to individual budget.

#) Rs 2000/- per month
  • There are 50 members in the group.
  • Each member has to pay Rs 2000/- per month for 20 months
  • A lucky draw would be taken out every month for 20 months regularly.
  • The winner gets jewellery worth the amount paid till that month plus Rs 6000/- worth jewellery extra from our side and no longer has to pay further installments.
  • The remaining members get jewellery worth Rs 42000/- at the end of 20 months.
  • There is complimentary Ladies Tambola and other Games and Get-together every month.

Salient Features of these Gold-Diamond Saving Schemes
  • One has to pay in small amounts instead of paying hefty amount at one time.
  • Free Ladies Tambola and other games along with snack party every month.
  • One extra Lucky draw is taken out of Diamond Ring exclusively for kittty members.
  • Usually Gold rate is charged at the time of finish of kitty but one has an option to fix rate for the amount received at anytime during the kitty, as one feels appropriate.
  • We accept all major credit/debit cards.
  • We also accept Online bank tranfers or out of city cash/cheque deposits into our bank A/c for our outstation customers.
  • If you bring in more new members into the scheme you get CASH BACK.
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