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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Know more about Diamonds

Lets see how many can answer these questions

Know more about Diamonds….

1) Three major parts of a polished diamond are crown, pavilion &

a) Rim

b) Girdle

c) Outline

d) Middle

2) The small, flat polished surface on a finished diamond are called

a) Flats

b) Edges

c) Facets

d) Culets

3) The combination of 4C’s relates primarily to

a) Value

b) Beauty

c) Durability

d) Desirability

4) Most popular selling shape in diamond is

a) Pear

b) Oval

c) Round brilliant

d) Heart

5) What is the measuring unit used for the weight of diamonds?

a) Centimeter

b) Litre

c) Watt

d) Carat

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